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Vacation Care


Do your children want something different? Do you want them to make new friends? Do you want them to have a variety of physical activities and craft activities to choose from each day?

INEA YMCA vacation care offers a program with multiple excursions and incursions. The centre has a full, built-in gymnastics hall and a sports stadium available every day for children to play in. Children from schools all around Adelaide can and do attend our holiday program so your child/ren will socialise with others outside of your neighbourhood and school community. If your work continues through the school holidays and you need somewhere for your child/ren to go, where they will be entertained all day, or you want them to experience something new, then the INEA YMCA vacation care program is for you.

The 2018 Winter program offers two weeks of action-packed activities (3 weeks if you go to particular schools). The program includes so much!!! These holidays, we’re going to the Adelaide Art Gallery and Museum as well as Wizbang. We’ll be having our minds blown with virtual reality for the first time ever, brought to you from Ignite VR, get your funk on with some hip hop dancing with Beatz Dance company and awesome bouncing castle fun with the X-Treme Fun Run. Our in-house activities include kicking a goal in our own World Cup, setting and breaking world records, being artistic, chilling with some movies, getting together with your friends and forming your own club, playing heaps of games as well as the ultimate, all day, gymnastics day!

Vacation Care at INEA YMCA, Walkerville, operates each day of the school holidays, except for public holidays, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Opening hours are 8:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday.


Statement of Philosophy

The vacation care program endeavours to provide a high quality program for primary school-aged children to enjoy, thrive and be challenged in that is rich in opportunities to learn, develop and have fun. We are an inclusive program of children with additional needs and take pride in supporting all children. We foster children to develop active bodies, creative minds and healthy spirit.



2018 Winter Vacation Care


To book your child(ren) into vacation care, please download the following forms:

Download 2018/2019 Vacation Care Enrolment Form (please complete a new enrolment form for this new financial year)

Download 2018 Winter Vacation Care Program Booking Sheet

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