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Welcome to Adelaide

My husband and I have moved here from New Zealand few months back for his work. While he started work immediately, I had to wait to secure a work visa before I could start looking for work.

My husband is a Surgeon and as one can imagine, his work is very demanding and involves long working hours.

For me personally, it was quite a big shift to move from a busy full time job, home and city full of family and friends to a place where we did not know anyone. It does get lonely and isolating at times when you are on your own and it affects you more mentally than physically. I was looking for ways to keep me busy. I came across YMCA accidentally while taking a stroll one evening and it has honestly been the most amazing place I could ever find.

Since starting group fitness classes here, I have not only achieved physical fitness but also met some good friends who attend these classes and who welcomed me at YMCA and Adelaide with open arms. There is absolutely no comparison to the mental well-being these interactions and classes bring to an individual.

I would have never found these many great individuals who are now a great support system if not for these group fitness classes at YMCA.
This place is the biggest asset to all the people in this community and I wish everyone can see how many more benefits YMCA serves apart from being a community and fitness centre.

It is my most favourite place to be in Adelaide! and I cannot imagine how difficult the whole moving experience would have been if I did not find this great place.

Thank you


Hand off my YMCA

Joseph is an amazing young person, a vacation care regular for many years, he has grown up in the program developing interpersonal & life skills, participating in a wide range of activities while being ably assisted for his additional needs by a wonderful staff team. Joseph has a message for council:

You can’t cancel it. You can’t have it. I’ll be sad, I grew up here and this is my YMCA. I will miss all my friends Rosey, Bob, Kira, Tisen and Livie.


You can play at any age!

This wonderful group of ladies keep active every week playing badminton at the Walkerville YMCA. With many members originating from the University of Adelaide club, they have been weekly regulars since 2001. Ranging from 69 to 81 years young, playing badminton keeps them healthy and active whether it is hot or cold outside. Games have a competitive spirit and they are very social with post game coffees and a Christmas lunch supporting local businesses.

Badminton Ladies