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Frequently Asked Questions

YMCA Inner North East Adelaide

The majority of Y’s around South Australia fall under the banner of YMCA South Australia. 

YMCA Inner North East Adelaide (INEA) is the one exception to this within the state, we operate as a seperate entity within our region. Under our banner is the YMCA at Windsor Gardens and Kensington, as well as smaller programs held within other venues in the region such as Healthworks Marden. 

What happened to the YMCA at Walkerville?

At the end of 2020, the Walkerville council refused to renew our lease at 39 Smith St Walkerville. It is unknown to the YMCA what is the long term plan for the site. 

We have relocated gymnastics, birthday parties and children’s programs to 10 – 18 Albert St, Windsor Gardens. Stadium sports, court hire and Fitness programs are now all held within the YMCA at Kensington, 344 The Parade Kensington Park.

Gymnastics & Parkour FAQ

Do you have boys in gymnastics?

Yes! All genders are welcome into any of our programs.

What do the kids need to wear?

Comfortable clothing, suitable for lots of movement. No shoes or socks in the gym though, so make sure your child can remove their socks/shoes. For the colder months, we have ‘grip socks’ available for purchase that are also suitable for use. 

What should my child bring with them?

Drink bottle, attention and energy.

What level would be best for my child?

Most children start at a beginner level, however if your child has some experience with gymnastics they can book a level assessment to be accurately tested.  To book levels intermediate and upwards, approval must be given by one of our gymnastics coaches.

How can I book in for the whole school term, and can I book casually?

You’re welcome to book gymnastics/parkour programs casually, however to secure your child’s place and to help us provide consistent, regular coaches we do recommend the full school term. There is also a discount for full term packages. 

Can my child do a trial class?

We don’t offer free trials, however you’re more than welcome to book a casual session.

My child has been coming for a while, what is the Gymnastics South Australia Fee and what does it give us?

We are affiliated with Gymnastics South Australia which provides the following benefits:

  • Personal accident insurance coverage for any medical expenses
  • Opportunity to participate in Gymnastics For All events (i.e.Team Gym)
  • KinderGym t-shirts, passports and growth charts
  • Professional education and training to upskill our gymnastics coaches.

Once you have completed 4 sessions for the year, registration is required to ensure your insurance coverage. Recreational Gymnastics is $52 p.a. and KinderGym (PlayGym/MiniGym) is $32 p.a. per participant.


How can I make changes to my booking?

You can make changes to your bookings by logging in to our online booking page and following the prompts, or by following links in your confirmation emails. For slightly more complex changes, feel free to give us a call on 8344 3811 before the class.

My child would like to be in class with a specific coach, can this be arranged?

No, many of our coaches have very busy schedules and we often have to make last minute changes to rosters. As such, we cannot promise any specific coach for your child’s booking.

My child would like to be in class with their friend, can you tell me when their friend is booked in?

No. For privacy reasons, we cannot provide booking information from other people, even friends. If you wish to coordinate bookings to keep your child and their friends in the same class, please organise this between yourselves.

Can parents participate/enter the gym?

Typically no, the only exceptions to this are if your child is upset or needs consoling. If a class requires parent participation it will be labelled as such. KinderGym – Play Gym is an exception where parents/guardians are actively encouraged to participate with toddlers. 

How are classes structured?

Group warm up, split into smaller groups (1 coach to a maximum of 8 children), groups rotate through 4 small circuits of different gymnastic apparatus. Followed by cool down either as a group or within the small groups, depending on the class.

Where do I drop off my child/pick them up?

Stay with your child and meet us for check-in, just outside the gymnastics area at the back of Mega Courts Indoor Sports (Court 3). Pick them up at the same place, immediately after class. We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early if possible to allow for traffic on North East Road.

Where in the Windsor Gardens venue are the sessions held?

From the entrance, we are located at the back of the venue past the other 5 ‘Mega Courts’. This allows us to host our programs with limited through traffic from other programs in the venue.

When can my child progress to the next level?

Each of our levels builds on skills learnt in the previous level. There are several core skills in each level that participants need to achieve before moving onto the next, to ensure they are progressing safely and maintain proper skill development. A coach will speak to you when your athlete has met the requirements to move levels.

How will I know when my child is ready to move to the next level?

Coaches are constantly managing skill progression and will let you know if your child is ready to move up. Each term in week 7, athletes are assessed throughout class to see if they meet the core skills required to progress to the following level. If ready to move up a coach will let you know. To find out more information about your athletes progress please speak to their coach before or after class.

How long does it take to move from one level to the next?

Every athlete progresses at different rates. It is common for athletes to stay in the same level for 1-2 years although age and previous experience can impact this. For a faster progression of skills, we recommend coming to class twice a week.               

Can my child move up to be with their friend?

Our levels are skill based to ensure safety. For this reason, athletes must progress based on their own capability and may not skip a level to be with a friend.

How can I make my child progress faster?

To support your athlete to progress through our level system we recommend coming to lessons twice a week. Additionally, any extra activity that supports building strength, flexibility and coordination will complement their gymnastics development.

Kensington FAQ


YMCA Inner North East Adelaide sub-leases the Kensington Community Leisure Centre from Pembroke School to provide extra recreation opportunities for the community. 

As a gym member, can I use the stadium/courts as well?

No. Your ‘People’s Gym’ membership covers you for use of the weights room, cardio room and fitness studio when available, as well as any of our Group Fitness classes. To hire court space, please enquire with our friendly customer service team or book online.

I’ve hired the stadium to play sport with a group, can we use the gym while we’re there?

Only if you (and all members of your group) hold an active an People’s Gym membership, or pay a casual visit fee. For regular hirers of our stadium/court spaces, a discounted membership can be arranged. If you think this is you, please ask our customer service team during your next visit or give us a call. 

I’m a Pembroke student/parent, can we use the gym outside of school time?

Pembroke school students and parents do not get additional access to the community facility we operate on evenings and weekends. Standard membership fees/hire rates will apply. 

I’m under 18, can I join the gym?

We operate with a very small staff at Kensington, and have no cameras within the building. As such, as an Australian Childhood Foundation Independently Reviewed Organisation we can not 100% guarantee the safety of minors when unsupervised in the gym. The only exception to this would be if a 16 – 17 year old was training with a parent or guardian, at the discretion of our Health & Fitness Coordinator.

I’m looking for extra guidance with my fitness routine, can someone help me?

Yes! While we don’t offer personal training, we offer programs and one-one assessments for $50, to give you the best chance of achieving your fitness goals. If you’re not quite after that level of help, we can also provide a basic equipment/exercise induction for $25. Get in touch with us if either of these options interest you.

When can I come and train?

You can train during any of our opening hours:

  • 5:30pm – 10:00pm Monday – Friday
  • 12:30pm – 5pm Saturday
  • 10:00am – 3:00pm Sunday

Are there gymnastics sessions at the Kensington centre?

No. We had planned to launch Gymnastics at Kensington as a way to improve the use of the space there, however our Gymnastics set up in Windsor Gardens is far better than anything we will ever be able set up at Kensington.

Marden FAQ


What programs are held at Marden?

At Healthworks Marden, the YMCA is licensed to host our Strength for Life program from Monday to Saturday. This is a low cost, no obligation program aimed at maintaining active living for people ages 50 or over, see our Health & Fitness page for more information. 


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