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Futsal Competition

Futsal Competition at Walkerville & Kensington Centre

At our Walkerville centre, we hold a futsal competition on Monday evenings.

Please call us to register. Registrations are still available for all competitions, please contact us to register a team.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, two seasons per year.

Start times:

7:15pm, 8:00pm, 8:45pm, 9:30pm


Walkerville Centre: Monday and Thursday*

Kensington Centre: TBC*


$50 per team per match – no other fees


Contact either of our centres. If there’s space, pick a team name, complete a nomination form for the team and an enrolment form for each of the players.


*Contact us on 8344 3811 to register interest



  • Kick-off starts in red circle with opposition behind red line.
  • Ball must be played forward.
  • Kick-off is direct, thus a goal can be awarded from a shot straight from the kick-off.
  • Any ball that is kicked or thrown to ceiling becomes a side ball for the opposition.
  • A side ball and corner must be placed on the line and kicked in within 4 seconds. The ball shall be turned over after 4 seconds.
  • Opposition must be a minimum distance of 2 metres from any side ball, corner and free kick.
  • Goal keeper must put every ball back into play with an underarm throw also within 4 seconds. Failure to do so will result in a side ball for the opposition.
  • Goal keeper can slide with pure intent for the ball only within his semi-circle.
  • No sliding for players anywhere on the court.
  • The ball may be passed back to the goal keeper from anywhere on the court (including a side ball) but he can only use his feet (unless the pass back is a header, where the ball can be picked up in this case). If the goal keeper touches the ball with his hands it will result in an indirect free kick from where the pass was made.
  • Direct foul – 1 touch free kick
  • Indirect foul – 2 touch free kick
  • Side ball is indirect
  • Corner is direct
  • Blue card – Verbal warning
  • Yellow Card – Temporary send off for 5 minutes. Team is to play with one less for this 5 minutes. Cannot substitute a bench player on for the yellow carded player.
  • Red card – Sent off for entire game, player is to miss following game and possibly more, depending on the severity of the incident.
  • If multiple players are getting too aggressive throughout the game, the game will be called off. YMCA must uphold the safety of everyone involved including staff, so preventing any physical escalations all together is of utmost importance.
  • Game time start penalty: the timer will be started 5 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time. One goal will be awarded to the team that has paid and is waiting to play for every 2 minutes that they are kept waiting.