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Gymnastics Strength Training

Develop Strength, Balance and Mobility to realise your full functional movement potential.

Gymnastics Strength Training creates better self awareness, stronger, more mobile bodies. Using your bodyweight and gravity, make your body a strong, pain free flexible human being. Improve physique and joint health gradually over time and become capable of things you never thought were possible.


Develop functional body and essential core strength, through enabling better grip, straight and bent arm capability, hanging and support holds, pull-up, push-up, dip, chin-up, rope climb, squat and lunge strength/range.


Enhance body control through handstand and headstand basics with progressions based on capability.


Achieve full range of motion through effective joint preparation and warm-upOne hour program operates over a 4 week cycle with an introduction to skills, body shapes in a supportive group setting utilising gymnastics apparatus in a fully equipped gym hall that includes gymnastics floor, uneven, parallel and high bars with pit, trampolines, beams and rings. Pre-habilitate or Rehabilitate joints to provide the platform for maximising your strength and mobility, while decreasing joint pain. Work towards new skills or develop existing such as chin-ups, pull-ups, rope climbs, muscle-ups on rings or bar, handstand balance/push-ups and walking, cartwheels and tumbling skills.

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