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Welcome to Gymnastics and Stunt!

INEA YMCA offers a great variety of gymnastics programs to suit children of all ages/levels. We aim to provide quality programs run by friendly, energetic and qualified staff. We will help your child to learn new skills, while building co-ordination, flexibility, fitness and confidence in a fun and safe environment.




Fun for babies, toddlers and pre-school aged children (0-4 years). Come and enjoy lots of colour, music and equipment. It’s a fun place to explore and interact.

Beginners Gymnastics Class INEA YMCA

Intermediate Gymnastics

Offers an opportunity to build on skills learnt in Beginners and allows participants to learn new, more advanced skills in a fun, progression based method.

Stunt Monkeys Class INEA YMCA

Stunt Monkeys

Is a program developed by INEA YMCA which incorporates elements of gymnastics, parkour, martial arts and action acting to allow participants to explore their action potential in a fun and safe environment.

Mini Gym

A step up from Play Gym with little to no parent participation and an increase in structure. Participants are introduced to each apparatus and basic gymnastics skills with a large focus on fun.

Intermediate Gymnastics Class INEA YMCA

Advanced Gymnastics

Extends participants to a new level. Building on skills they have learnt already, they will explore new techniques, improve their confidence and strengthen all the essential foundations to push further in their personal development.

Stunt Monkeys Class INEA YMCA

Stunt Heroes

Further develops on the skills learnt in Stunt Monkeys with a greater emphasis on stunt craft. (Invite only)


Open Gym

Open for participants of any skill level to come and try gymnastics, parkour or freerunning. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or have just always wanted to try, this is the place for you. A gymnastics coach supervises the session.

Stunt Heroes Class INEA YMCA

Beginners Gymnastics

A structured group gymnastics class catering for the complete novice to those with some experience working to improve their skills. Basic body shapes, rolls and locomotion, safe jump/landing techniques are introduced and developed.

Advance Gymnastics Class INEA YMCA

Elite Gymnastics

Allows participants to reach their full potential. This level will extend skills further and participants will be offered new challenges on all apparatus to continue their development. Routines will be introduced to bring together skills they have learnt.


Gym Sense

A program designed specifically for children with autism. Participants explore the stimulating gymnastics environment with their parent / carer.

Prices and Other Details

ProgramAge RangeCasual/Trial1010 Week TermClass Duration (min.)Special Conditions
Play Gym0 – 4$15$11845Parent Assisted
Mini Gym3+$18 (1 only)$15660Some Parent Assistance
Beginner4+$18 (1 only)$15660
Intermediate4+$18 (1 only)$15660Competency Based
Advanced/Elite4+$18 (1 only)$16675Competency Based
Tumbling7+$18 (1 only)$16060
Stunt Monkeys 5+$18 (1 only)$14860
Stunt Heroes5+$18 (1 only)$14860Invite Only
Gym Sense0 – 17$15$11860ASD Specific
Open Gym13+$12$10075
Disco Open9+$12$10075
5 – 17$18 (1 only)$14560
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