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Walkerville & Kensington

Energize Burbia


Class targeted to use the arms, legs, back, chest and core, in a cardio and power setting, with an aim to keeping the heart rate up. The class will utilise different equipment, as well as exercises using body weight

Strength 4 Life Burbia

Strength 4 Life

Supervised group session, run in conjunction with COTA (Council of the Aging). Each participant receives an individual program, following an assessment to address your specific fitness needs.

Cardio Punch Burbia INEA YMCA

 Cardio Punch

Enjoy the physicality of boxing while enhancing your cardio fitness and working at your own fitness level.


Pilates Burbia YMCA INEA

 Core & Stretch

Our Core & Stretch program is delivered with a Pilates flair and incorporates core work with stretching.  This class will help you tone up and stay flexible and will be a perfect compliment to your fitness regime.

Strength and Conditioning Burbia INEA YMCA

 Strength and Conditioning

A full body workout in our upstairs gym room utilizing machines and free weights, building overall conditioning and increasing strength of a different set of muscles each week.

Zumba Gold Burbia INEA YMCA


Ideal for beginners—great place to start! Let your inner dance diva out in this one hour class. Dance, Laugh & have Fun!



A full body workout using a variety of equipment plus bodyweight. This class is designed to challenge you and increase your fitness level. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Strength and Tome Burbia INEA YMCA

 Strength and Conditioning

Using machines, free weights and a variety of other equipment, this class is designed to increase muscular strength while having fun. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Cardio Circuit Burbia INEA YMCA

 Cardio Circuit

Excellent cross training session. Very suitable to complement all other fitness training.

Specialised Classes – Strength for Life for the over 50’s

YMCA INEA is an accredited COTA SA Strength for Life Tier 2 provider. In our Strength for Life (SFL) Program we provide specific strength training exercise for groups of over 50’s, with supervision by our qualified fitness trainers.  All our fitness instructors have SFL accreditation, with advanced knowledge in strength training, and specialised education in the requirements of the older population, including medical considerations.  All SFL participants are individually assessed and a personalised exercise program is developed to meet their specific abilities, needs and goals.

Other ClassesSiteCostAdditional StepsSpecial Conditions
WalkervilleKensingtonCasual10 Visit Pass
Strength for Life (SFL) 
 $6.50$58.50 Pre-enrollment SFL Assessment : $3050+ years




Membership Prices

Standard Memberships / Passes

SiteAccess ToCostDuration
$401 month
Class Only  
$501 month
$601 month
10 Visit Pass  
$1003 months
Gym Parent  

Download Health and Fitness Club Enrollment Forms

Download Strength for Life Forms

A referral form must be completed by your doctor (Medical) or treating health professional (e.g. Physiotherapist)  if you answer YES to anything in the SFL pre-activity Readiness Questionnaire

SFL Medical Referral Form (pdf)

SFL Physio Referral Form (pdf)

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