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Strength For Life

A supervised group session for people over 50, run in conjunction with COTA (Council Of The Aging) with a focus on building functional strength for everyday living. Each participant receives an individual program following an initial assessment to address your specific needs. Please do not book if you have not been assessed, contact us first. 

The Y runs two Tier 2 Strength for Life Programs across the Inner North East Adelaide region.  

  • Healthworks Marden (9:10am and 10:10am, Monday to Saturday)
  • Kensington YMCA (6:30pm Tuesday/Thursday, 12:30pm Saturday)


Limited time 8 week Bootcamp Program! 
Early morning fitness from 6:00 – 6:45am at Kensington. 

$8 casual, or $96 for full 8 weeks.
Suitable for all fitness levels, not included in People’s Gym Membership

From Term 4 2021, Bootcamp with the Y will run in alignment with the school term from week 2 – 9, and continue for a summer program based on demand. 

The People's Gym - Kensington Y

Join the people’s gym with a great value membership for Cardio, Weights and Group Fitness. Without all the mirrors and posing, you will feel comfortable doing your work out here. Includes treadmills, Vortex spin bikes, Cross-Trainers, pin-loaded and cable machines, free weights including dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, plate loaded equipment, benches and racks, chin-up and dip stations.
All included group fitness classes are listed below.

Focused Fitness

Hone your workouts to a specific target or skill! Similar to a ‘functional training’ class, this longer, more optimised class shifts focus each week to a different sport or movement. 

Session focuses include Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Running, Cycling, Throwing, Cricket, Dodgeball, Squash and much more!

Expect a combination of strength, conditioning and sport specific movement training. To see upcoming focuses, click the button below.

Saturday afternoons, 1:30 – 2:30pm at Kensington

Included in People’s Gym membership, casual bookings very welcome ($14)

Cardio Punch

The most fun you’ll ever have with a couple of huge padded gloves on! Combine learning basic boxing technique with a good old fashioned sweat session designed to raise the heart rate and work your whole body. (Suitable for all fitness levels, boxing gloves provided, boxing ‘inners’ required).

Note: Class format will change depending on current COVID-19 restrictions in South Australia.

Monday nights, 5:30pm at Kensington


High intensity class focusing on body weight movements and getting the heart rate up. Be ready to have some fun and move a lot! (Suitable for all fitness levels)

Tuesday nights, 5:30pm at Kensington

Core and Stretch

Need to keep everything strong, toned and flexible? This is the class for you. With the perfect blend of mat pilates, yoga and intense stretching, you’ll strengthen your core, tone the rest and increase your flexibility.

Wednesday nights, 5:30pm at Kensington.

Strength and Conditioning

1 hour weights class designed to be accessible to all strengths and abilities. Great for posture, joint mobility, stability, and body awareness. Be prepared to use some muscles you normally don’t!

Thursday nights, 5:30pm at Kensington

Cardio Circuit

Pure cardio class designed to get your heart rate up and keep it there. Utilizing a combination of bikes, rowers, treadmills, and good old fashioned body weight moves, this class is great for your heart health! (Suitable for all fitness levels)

Friday nights, 5:30pm at Kensington

Membership options

Standard Memberships / Passes
The People's Gym
Access to the Kensington Y Group Fitness Classes, Cardio and Weights rooms
$ 50 Monthly PAYG
  • Group Fitness
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Free weights and Pin-loaded machines
  • Inductions for safe use
  • Personalised Programs from experienced instructors

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Forms to be completed and brought to Strength for Life Assessment:
A referral form must be completed by your doctor (Medical) or treating health professional (e.g. Physiotherapist) if you answer YES to anything in the SFL pre-activity Readiness Questionnaire:

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