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School holiday programs

The Y School Holiday Programs

Check out our new look school holiday programs at the Y!

School holiday sessions with a mix of gymnastics, dance and parkour workshops, competition camps, open gyms and 3 hour come and play sessions in collaboration with Mega Courts (incorporating sports, inflatables, indoor playground and laser tag – sorry no saults, book into a class/workshop for that!).

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We have lots of fun activities to try. If you haven’t been to a gymnastics class before try an Intro to Gymnastics ( ages  4+ no experience required) with an opportunity to experience all the main apparatus including beam, bars, trampolines while getting a taste of the foundation moves. 

One of our classic sessions is the Handstands & Cartwheels workshop (ages 4+ no experience required) which is a focused session on learning and building upon your handstands and cartwheels as well as other floor-based skills. Who doesn’t want to show off a handstand or cartwheel!


For those with creative flair options include Rhythmic gymnastics (ages 6+ no experience required) to introduce a combination of gymnastics, dance and apparatus including hoop, ribbon and ball. Dance Acro (7+ pre-requisites: cartwheel, handstand, backbend) covers acrobatics and tumbling with a dance focus. Learn skills to add to your dance routines in a safe and matted environment. 


Parkour Academy (ages 5+ no experience required) is a fusion of Gymnastics, Parkour, Martial Arts and Free Style movement. The workshop will involve a series of stations on the apparatus of Vault, Bars, Floor and Trampoline to increase agility and strength while improving balance and coordination.  


Aerials is an opportunity to work on achieving your Aerial in a focused session (ages 7+ pre-requisite: one-handed cartwheel). Handsprings (ages 7+ pre-requisites: handstand, roundoff, backbend) is a focused session on learning and perfecting your front and back handspring. 

Our super value two-hour workshops include:

  • Aerials and Walkovers working towards your Aerials, Front and Back Walkovers. Great for gymnasts or dancers(ages 7+ pre-requisites: one handed cartwheel, roundoff, backbend).
  • Handsprings and Saults working towards front and back handsprings and front saults. Great for gymnasts or dancers. (ages 7+ pre-requisites: Forward and Backward Roll, Roundoff, Backbend). 

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